Puerto Galera: Possible Rehabilitation

If you are a type of person who loves beach, traveling, practicing beach sports or even looking for a beach activities such as; snorkeling, scuba-diving, boating, kayaking, sailing, parasailing, island hopping and most of all surfing. Puerto Galera is the best place for you.
Because on its own majestic mountains that surrounded by a powdery white to cream sand beaches, lapped by a shimmering cyrstal sea with crashing waves.  Not yet included its magical asset that can be found underwater, where rainbow-hued fishes congrate and play around sprawling coral gardens.
No wonder why Puerto Galera is considered one of the “Most Beautiful Beaches in the World”. And it is also known as one of the “Top Places for a Quick Weekend Trip” near in manila since it is only 3-4 hour away by a land and sea transport.
Evenmore, Puerto Galera recognize by UNESCO as “Man and Biosphere Reserve” back 1973.


But what happened in Puerto Galera? Why the ‘beautiful’ and ‘magical’ Puerto Galera became a trashed? A messed? And what are the things that we can do to make this beautiful place get back on where it used to be?
There are articles, blogs, and posts regarding on how Puerto has been undergone completed unregulated development and became a total messed. Because of the ugly concrete buildings, dirty retaining walls and some areas that have been concreted over.
Also, squaters are now abound in all over Puerto.


Moreover, the beautiful powder white to cream sand are now became dirty and discoloured, and there are green slime all over the rocks.
Last April 17, CNN published an article regarding on possible rahabilitation of Puerto Galera.
According to Tourism Assisstant Secretary Ricky Alegre, “Puerto Galera is going to be visited next by the inter-agency task force, we have receive reports of the conditions there, we want again to help rehabilitate.”.
The absence of proper wastewater disposal facility, aggravated by overcrowding of structure along beaches was seen as the major source of coliform of Sabang and White Beach in Puerto Galera.
The place that used to be magical are now became laid to waste through greed and totally unregulated development.
Now, do we need to wait until Puerto Galera will became part of our history? Or are we going to make a move and help to sustain our beaches?

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